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Longreach House – Summer
Summer Event Venues in Cashiers, North Carolina

One of my favorite memories of a summer supper was a wedding celebration of two friends who found one another after a long road of tragedy and loneliness. My idea for the night was to use the brilliant colors of summer to reflect the pairing of these two wonderful people. The table theme was pulled from Tiffany's Audubon china with its exotic birds and colors. Sandy Linebaugh of Fiddlehead Design brought in intensely colorful flowers in various shapes and sizes along with foliage evoking tropical forests. I used both a silver epourgne and crystal candle sticks that looked like palm trees to light the table. Peeking out from under the foliage we put Jay Strongwater ornaments in various shapes of fanciful wildlife. The arrangement ran unbroken almost the full length of the table. The menu cards were personalized with each guest's name and doubled as a place card. Hand painted boxes with exotic birds rendered on them held homemade truffles made by the Chattooga Clubs pastry chef, were at each place setting. The guests were greeted with champagne and cocktails along with deviled quail eggs with caviar and duck confit, blue cheese, and fig jam on toast points served in the living room. We then repaired to the dining room for supper. The planning of the menu was done at the Chattooga Club with Chef Ed and club manager Brad Herman to choose the best the season had to offer and to pair appropriate wines for each course.
Another summer favorite party of mine is the “Farewell to Summer Luncheon" I give to bid goodbye to my friends, most of whom are starting to pack up to return to their winter homes. I move the dining table out and replace it with three 60” round tables. Each year Sandy Linebaugh and I sit down and plan a new theme and colors for the tables to treat the 24 "girls" that join me. Champagne is served when they arrive and one of Chef Ed's fanciful lunches is served in the dining room. Each year I try to give a different shaped glass either filled with jellybeans or flowers and placed at each place setting for my guests to take home. Then throughout the year we can toast one another from afar!
Large cocktail parties are great this time of year because the house can easily accommodate 150 people or more and the doors can be thrown open to bring best of the season in. Men dressed in linen and silk jackets in an array of colors and women dressed in both rich and ethereal dresses, always with their light shawls flowing behind them, enter ready for an evening of frivolity! Bars can be put up on the porch and the lawn as well as in the living room. The dining table is dressed with a massive floral arrangement and Chef Ed prepares meat and seafood, vegetables, fruits and cheeses, and yummy desserts for the guests to graze on as well as having passed hors d oeuvres to munch as they catch up with one another on how their summer is progressing.