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Longreach House – Spring

Spring Event Venues in Cashiers, North Carolina

This time of year, in Cashiers we are seeking any little sign of life emerging from what seems like a long winter. Shedding and leaving behind our heavy winter coats, we want to skip outside to breathe in the scent of warmer days to come. When we first moved here my husband, Bob, and I planted over 400 narcissus bulbs and when springtime started to arrive I couldn't wait to see the fruits of our labor. Against all odds every day I would go out to the bed and gently lift leaves and mulch to see if any new green shoots were peeking through the soil. Finally, after days of leaving the house with high hopes and returning crestfallen Bob told me to stop my forays as I was probably worrying the poor bulbs to death! With the lengthening of the days and the suns fresh brightness, our yearning for new fresh greens, yellows, and pinks of spring is what drives me in my color selection for the floral and table design. This is also the time when new brides-to-be have set the date for their wedding plans and parties to celebrate their new life to come.
The bridal luncheon is so well suited for the flavors of Spring. White linen or pink, blue, or green cloths with whisper thin cream overlays, that remind me of my Easter pinafores, set the tone in the dining room for the selection of china in corresponding colors. Floral containers reflect the season in both form and style. Bisque containers in the shape of lettuce heads for tulips and daffodils or song birds residing on faux bois tree stumps hold lily of the valley or grape hyacinths.
Spring lettuces, new peas with mint, lamb or fresh trout caught in our icy cold streams, and the first little strawberries of the year are the light and bright flavors that our palates are ready for. Chef Ed executes the same sensitivity that brings out and enhances the delicate flavors of the season. His presentations are a delight for the eye.